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Pedestrian Accidents

Major cities in Texas are not overly conducive for pedestrian traffic. Most Texas families have at least two vehicles. Public transportation can be burdensome and impractical. These factors lead to mentalities that lead to vehicle drivers failing to keep a lookout and yield to pedestrian traffic. Patrick R. Kelly is a Dallas, Texas based attorney who aggressively represents pedestrians who are injured by negligent motor vehicle drivers.

Drivers must be aware of their surroundings. Unlike densely populated cities that commonly use walking as a mode of getting from Point A to Point B, Dallas residents rarely encounter pedestrians while driving. As such, many drivers let their guard down and fail to look for people walking. Some portions of Dallas, such as the Uptown neighborhood may have many crosswalks that are lit or marked well. Others neighborhoods don’t. Yet drivers are charged with the same duty throughout the Metroplex – they must drive safely and look for pedestrians. Furthermore, new studies show that both drivers and pedestrians are more distracted than ever before – mainly attributable to using technologies while traveling such as cell phones, headphones, and social media.

According to the Texas Transportation Code, motorist must yield to pedestrians in the following scenarios under Texas law:

  • When a no traffic control light is present and the pedestrian is walking in a crosswalk on or near the driver’s half of the roadway;

  • When a pedestrian walks across a roadway toward the direction of a lit “Walk” signal; and

  • When a pedestrian is approaching on a sidewalk that extends across an alley, a building entrance or exit, roadway, or driveway.

Regardless of the instances where a driver is mandated to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian, a driver must always use due care to ensure that the vehicle does not collide with and injure a person who is walking in the road. Dallas also has city ordinances regarding crosswalks and pedestrian traffics that both drivers and pedestrians should be aware. If these laws and regulations are violated, severe injuries or death are probable. Most cars and trucks that hit pedestrians are traveling at speeds of less than 20 MPH. Even still, an unprotected civilian is no match for a heavy car or SUV. A respectable lawyer like Patrick R. Kelly can take an analytical approach to any pedestrian injury case and determine what laws were violated and what the options are for the victim.

Dallas and its surrounding cities are blessed with numerous events and social gathering places such as sporting events, plays, bars, restaurants, operas, movies, parks, and other entertainments spots. In such areas, drivers should always be alert to heavy foot traffic to avoid a pedestrian accident.

If you or a friend or family member has been injured by the negligence of a motorist while walking as a pedestrian in the Dallas, Texas area, please contact the Law Offices of Patrick R. Kelly. Mr. Kelly is a competent attorney who has experience handling claims on behalf of injured pedestrians. Many laws apply under the Texas Transportation code and city ordinances that the Law Offices of Patrick R. Kelly can review and evaluate the case. Don’t let the negligent driver who hit you or the insurance company gain the upper hand and treat you unfairly. Contact our office now for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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Great attorney! Very knowledgeable and very good with insurance companies. He helped me with my motorcycle accident and he was swift and very responsive to all of my needs. Highly recommended! Eric Fleming
Filed a lawsuit with Franklin Law Firm...and was referred to Patrick R. Kelly after two years he did a great job and got us a good settlement before it went to trail. I recommend giving him a call. Miguel Gonzalez