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Motorcycle Accidents

Based on his legal background and creative attorney skills, Patrick R. Kelly is the Dallas motorcycle injury attorney equipped to handle your claim. Mr. Kelly used to defend motorcycle cases for insurance companies and now uses his skills to pursue claims for injured motorcycle and moped riders in the DFW area and throughout Texas.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, approximately 470 motorcycle fatalities occur each year. An astonishing 90% of motorcycle accidents result in death. These are serious numbers. Most motorcycle crashes could be avoided if the drivers of cars, trucks, and 18-wheelers kept a proper look out for their two-wheel companions on the road.

Many law firms brag about how they are bikers too and so they understand their client’s claim. But the important factors in pursuing a claim or lawsuit for physical injuries stem from how insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, and juries will perceive a motorcyclist’s claim for injuries. Like it or not, an injured rider is usually viewed with a bit of speculation. Insurance companies know that most juries are not motorcycle riders. In fact, insurance companies know that jurors often view mopeds and motorcycles as nuisances on the road. While our law practice does not share this sentiment, it is a reality. Therefore, a lawyer must be creative in obtaining and seeking evidence such as police reports, pictures, medical records, witness statements, and other information to move jurors away from the common juror’s prejudices and toward pinning liability on the negligent driver. All drivers are charged with the uniform duty to other drivers – including bikers and moped drivers - of operating their vehicles in a safe manner and to not unreasonably endanger others.

As indicated by the statistics, the injuries suffered by motorcycle drivers are often severe. Medical bills can cause a huge financial burden. A lawyer who handles motorcycle cases, however, can aggressively seek compensation from the negligent driver’s insurance carrier. Many hospital and medical liens may exist when a motorcycle driver has no insurance but must receive medical services. In such cases, knowledgeable legal counsel can work to reduce those bills and pay for the lien out of any settlement or award for damages.

The Law Offices of Patrick R. Kelly represents injured clients other than those cases involving the common auto accident that injures motorcyclists. Often times, severe injuries occur when a motorcycle owner negligently entrusts a powerful motorcycle with a driver who is not properly trained or is the proper size to operate such a vehicle. Passengers who suffer injuries riding as a passenger on a moped or motorcycle may also have a personal injury claim. A driver must complete the proper motorcycle training to legally drive on Texas roads.

Our dedicated attorneys know what fact issues to look for in a motorcycle injury claim. If you or a loved one was injured or killed while operating or riding on a motorcycle or moped, please call our law office now. The initial consultation is free and there are no legal fees unless you recover a settlement or judgment. Time limitations due exist to file a motorcycle injury lawsuit so contact us immediately.

Client Reviews
Great attorney! Very knowledgeable and very good with insurance companies. He helped me with my motorcycle accident and he was swift and very responsive to all of my needs. Highly recommended! Eric Fleming
Filed a lawsuit with Franklin Law Firm...and was referred to Patrick R. Kelly after two years he did a great job and got us a good settlement before it went to trail. I recommend giving him a call. Miguel Gonzalez