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Drunk Driving Accident

Let the police and criminal courts punish a drunk driver who needlessly injures others on the road. Let the Law Offices of Patrick R. Kelly seek monetary compensation for you through the civil litigation process for the injuries caused by a drunk driver in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs poses a threat to all persons on the road. Thousands of people are involved in drunk driving fatalities each year. The legal limit to operate a motor vehicle in Texas is .08 of blood alcohol level. The Law Offices of Patrick R. Kelly encourages these steps if a drunk driving collision has victimized you:

  1. Call 911 and request an ambulance and the police;
  2. Insist the police officer administers a field sobriety test of the suspected drunk driver;
  3. Insist that a police report is made;
  4. Obtain the suspected drunk driver’s insurance information; and
  5. Call a well-trained, drunk driving injury lawsuit attorney.

Many alcohol related collisions can cause bad injuries due to the reckless driving and high impacts that may occur while a driver is inebriated. It is important to note, that a person who is riding as a passenger in the intoxicated driver’s vehicle may have a claim against the driver for injuries as well. That is, potential claims are not just limited to pedestrians and those drivers and passengers who are outside the drunk drivers car.

Insurance companies know that drunk driving collisions are very serious. Juries routinely dole out justice in a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver you injured another. Because of this, insurance companies must take these claims seriously. To ensure they do, an injured victim should allow a respectable plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer to gather all the facts and evidence, and present the claim. Depending on the policy limits, most drunk driving claims are handled out of court without the need for filing a lawsuit. However, some exceptions are common. Sometimes insurance coverage is not in place. Sometimes insurance coverage is in place, but the insurance carrier who has insured the drunk driver is a low-budget insurance company that simply refuses to pay out on claims for reasonable compensation. Legal counsel can guide a drunk driving victim through any scenario to seek compensation for all medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent impairment and disfigurement, and other forms of damages.

Of course, insurance is not the only means of recovery for a drunk driving collision. Other assets and sources of funds may be available depending on the factors and should be explored.

Patrick R. Kelly has represented injured victims of senseless drunk driving and will seek all avenues of recovery to ensure that his clients obtain the financial compensation they deserve. We are available to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding injuries sustained from an intoxicated automobile wreck. Like all of the firm’s personal injury claims, we handle our cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning we are not paid unless our client is paid. Call our office today.

Client Reviews
Great attorney! Very knowledgeable and very good with insurance companies. He helped me with my motorcycle accident and he was swift and very responsive to all of my needs. Highly recommended! Eric Fleming
Filed a lawsuit with Franklin Law Firm...and was referred to Patrick R. Kelly after two years he did a great job and got us a good settlement before it went to trail. I recommend giving him a call. Miguel Gonzalez